Warith defends his Ph.D.

Dear friends,

I have the great pleasure to announce you my Ph.D. defense in Applied Mathematics (Artificial Intelligence) on Thursday, the eighth of October, two thousand and twenty at fourteen.

8 th October 2020, 2 PM
Salle du Conseil, 7 e étage, Espace Turing
Université Paris Descartes
Centre Universitaire des Saints-Pères
45, rue des Saints Pères
75006 Paris


The presentation will be broadcasted live here: harchaoui.org/warith/phd/video

The work I present is entitled

Learning Representations using Neural Networks and Optimal Transport

of which you can read an abstract and the content.

Great people like Pr. Charles Bouveyron (my academic thesis supervisor), Dr. Stéphane Raux (my company thesis supervisor), Dr. Pierre-Alexandre Mattei and Pr. Andrés Almansa did me an honour by helping me accomplish this work in the warmth of the MAP5 lab and with the pugnacity of the Oscaro company.

In order to celebrate some Mathematics and Computer Sciences incantations that may seem barbaric without initiation, there will be a more prosaic cocktail (same day and place) afterwards that compensate for the painful effort of remembering schoolday memories that I maybe already inflict. For those who think about Mathematics and Computer Sciences with dread, it is possible to directly celebrate with me only slightly later around 5 PM depending on the duration of the scientific discussions between me and the members of the jury before their deliberations.

Sincerely yours,